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All of my missions have now been altered to avoid the drunken slug death bug, and have had the male siren entry for mineral-based food corrected. Settings for memau, spawn disease, and skrashers are noted in the mission descriptions below.

Kamarama Farmer Drama V1.11 (16.6K) Written to a storyline supplied by Zakalwe of the Eidos Startopia Forum. You must run a farming station during a period of heavy asteroid activity which prevents trading ships from calling. The plants that you grow are extremely important to the Karmarama as their sun has been acting up and they are having a severe drought. Famine and plague are rampant on the Karmarama homeworld but they will send who they can to help you. Readme.txt in mission directory explains how to take the exciting ending out if it's too hard for you this way. Uses your default memau, spawn disease and skrasher settings.

Trove Station V1.04 (118K) Stations & Skrashers: hack-n-slash in outer space. Governed purely by the roll of the die, Trove Station is rambunctous while still allowing you to go at your own pace. There is an alternative mish file for those who want to play with no merchants at all. With no merchants it becomes a game much more at the mercy of chance. Either way is fun. Enforces original memau, spawn disease and skrasher rules.

Newcomer V1.12 (51K) Become a financial success in a galaxy full of aliens unwilling to believe in the sentience of human beings. Everyone but Arona will sell you artworks, scuzzers and basic goods, but nothing else. They will buy items if you can manufacture them. Arona will not buy much from you but he will sell you technology - if you can afford it! Immortal memau, no spawn disease, and harmless skrashers.

Sin City V1.01 (9K) A space-borne den of iniquity. Build a station with nothing but bars, love nests, and casinos for entertainment. Make 1,000,000e and collect 10 turdites to win. Uses your default memau, spawn disease and skrasher settings.

Year of the Cat V1.01 (31K) Perform 12 Ascensions in 12 years, or Spirit of Cat will consume the sun. This version will use the custom skins but is otherwise normal. More features are below in Part A. Immortal memau, no spawn disease, and harmless skrashers.

Skins for Cat Temple V1.00 (510K) Monk and temple skins in a cat motif. Graphics by Carolyn Horn. The stones are ready!

See Skins page for pictures of Cat Temple skins.

Year of the Cat Part A V1.00 (545K) This modification to Year of the Cat adds a custom sky. The catch is that it causes an error message upon loading the mission. According to Tom Forsythe at MuckyFoot this error is harmless. Just press the Enter key when it occurs. Apply this mission over top of the first one. Immortal memau, no spawn disease, and harmless skrashers.

Conspicious Consumption V1.01 (52K) Build a functional station with 5 of every building and 10 of every statue. Plenty of energy credits will be available, and plenty of peeps will come once you've opened the station. The challenge is in the layout. Uses your default memau, spawn disease and skrasher settings.

War Zone V1.01 (15K) Run a civilian medical station in the middle of a four-way war. The combatants, desperate for fleet supplies, may want to take more than healing from your station. If you can satisfy them they will leave you in peace. Everyone wants to be first in line, though, so it won't be easy to stick to your tasks. Uses your default memau, spawn disease and skrasher settings.

Guest Missions

By Kai Hortmann: Turakken Space University (27K) The under-funded and absent-minded double-domes want you to discover 60 new technologies. You start with next to nothing. TIP: Remember that a port will cost you 10,000e when you are building your facilities.

By Memau-on-Steroids: BioDeck (8K) A sandbox for making gardens on the biodeck.