Historical Perspective

Techfall is so named because the sociologist who landed there first talked to a Minifig drunk on plasticizers, who kept responding to the question "What can you tell me about this planet?" with "Tech fall." Regardless, it is a poetically just name. Technic civilization here took a bizarre turn. A huge competition developed between the members of the Technic race as to whose car was fastest, and more and more garages were built to house the cars. Apparently oblivious to the consequences, Rubber-Leaf Palm plantations, Plasticizer Quadruped Farms and Plastic Mines all over the planet were decimated to produce race cars and garages. Eventually much of the population starved to death and the race cars stopped running due to a rubber shortage. Since Technics are unable to do any useful work towards their own survival, they are highly dependent on supplies of plastic and plasticizer from the Minifigs. During the shortage the Technics were not surprisingly last on the supply lines. The Minifigs expanded into abandoned Technic properties and began to trade with the remnants of the Technics: plasticizer and plastic for surplus rubber tires. Here we have shots of a Minifig-Technic trading center built within the hollow shell of a Technic garage. Within the trading center there can be seen Minifig scale structures built into the old areas using small bricks mined from Technic ruins as the surface of the planet is reclaimed.

It is speculated that the Technics on this planet may be totally color-blind as the original garage was built in a hodgepodge of colors.

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Seen in greyscale the structure displays an attractive speckling

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A hardware store where a man discusses the virtues of green shutters versus none while his wife decides which color broom to buy, brown or brown.

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Bar selling plasticizer by the glass. Evidently it is a weekend or holiday as the stand has a brisk business.

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The figures enjoy their off time getting tipsy in the central area of the trading post.

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A couple entreat with a bald-headed miser to loan them the silver to buy enough small bricks to build their own business.

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The doctor cum undertaker, known as Bones. A late patient lies on the examination table. Fortunately for Bones, Techfall has discovered neither Conflict of Interest nor Malpractice.

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Here is a business whose description is best left to the imagination, but let it be said that the unaccompanied man is going to have a good time.

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The canned plastic store. All colors are represented (yellow and green are behind the wall), especially the grey which comes from grinding up Technic parts.

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A craftsman bringing yet more tool boxes to market. The poor man lacks hands, hair and almost lacks his face. Pulling the cart is a quadruped. Quadrupeds were not really bred for pulling burdens but the Technics never needed horses and so there are none on this planet.. The closest analogy to a quadruped that we have is the oxen, although the neck, head and behavior of the quarupeds is more reminiscent of a camel. Their aggressive behavior can be seen in both this poor fellow's condition and in the behavior depicted in the picture below.

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A Technic caravan bringing to market precious rubber in the form of tires.The second pair of quadrupeds turn to snap at the flank rider's mount, and the favor is returned.

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The wealth of this trader is evident in the transport. The rubber in the treads of the caravan cart is worth a fortune on Techfall. CyberTechnic outriders guard the caravan. In all honesty the guards could walk as comfortably they ride the little quadrupeds, but no Technic ever walks anywhere. All the Technics observed to date on Techfall have been male, which may have been the source of the insanity which caused the fall of civilization here. Hitching a free ride on the cart are three members of a Minifig cult called Followers of the Technic Way.

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These cultists care for the caravan quadrupeds in return for the chance to study records of lost Technic technology. They hope some day to reinvent space travel and leave Techfall for some place with normal people. This is unlikely to occur because without the colorless plastic from BUMPs no space travel will be possible. It is to be genuinely hoped that soon a patrolling Technic shuttle will find and rescue these figures as the severely depleted resources will soon result in a great loss of mobility and a population the color of used Tempera paint water.

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