The Rescue

Normally Technic race results are broadcast universe-wide, and the silence from Techfall did not go unnoticed. As the Res-Q reconnaissance flight passed over the depressed landscape of Techfall the inhabitants looked up in delighted amazement.

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There was a mad dash to greet the landing shuttle. Even the Technics were excited. They forgot to ride something.

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In the hurry for the shuttle possessions were forgotten by everyone - well, by *almost* everyone.

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The Techfall Technics explain the situation to the Minifig pilots of the Technic shuttle. Technic shuttles have historically been piloted by Minifigs. There is good reason for this. The very first Technic shuttle was piloted by a Technic. When the second Technic shuttle was built the two began racing each other and neither has been seen since. All Technic shuttles since that time have been built in such a way as to prevent Technics from piloting them.

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The crowd of Minifigs wait in jubilant silence while the Technics arrange for removal of the entire population to the home planet. Notice the use of baseplate for second-story flooring. This is typical of architecture in Slink's Universe. The roof shows considerable decay which cannot be repaired until Lego begins selling low-slope roof brick packs with corner pieces.

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Seen from a distance it is evident that the shuttle is quite capable of carrying all of these figures, although the trip will not be a comfortable one with all of those gears and wires in the cargo compartment.

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