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Rascal's Island (50 KB zip file)

Adds an island far off-coast SW of Seyda Neen. There is a museum of weapons and armor, a complete group of top-level tutors, a smith and enchanter capable of bartering for big-ticket items (although the cash from the sale can only be used within the building), and a dungeon area for filling soul gems which are for sale in the main building. To access the area speak to a Rascal's Ad-Man near the Fighter's Guild in Balmora, Ald-Ruhn, or Vivec.

Imperial Legion Retirement Homes
(60 KB zip file)

Adds a new house for each level of advancement in the Imperial Legion, up to Knight Errant. After that the housing is expanded internally. To get the topic on your menu, speak to any fellow member of the Legion on the topic of "Imperial Legion". Then talk to a commanding officer to find out where the houseing for your level is located.


Thieves Guild Alternative (16 KB zip file)

Puts a limited ability to hire the Dark Brotherhood into the game, specifically for a member of the Thieves Guild to use on Guild business. This mod is meant to be used from the time of the assignment to kill the Ienith Brothers, so the clue about who to contact comes from Gentleman Jim Stacey in his follow-up question to the character about that mission. The solution involves theft, accumulation of funds, and some lapses in morality.