This is the port nag file for the human player in the sandbox. I have added my comments in dark red. These comments are based on my own analysis of the code and my experience in working with it. I do not have any special inside information from MuckyFoot about these files, and I may in some instances be wrong.

; This just plays that annoying message from VAL telling you that you need more ports.
;QUEUES ON THE PORT*******************************************************
	turn > portcheck
; portqueuestandard is a system variable, that is, it is maintained by Startopia 
; without you having to do anything with it in your script elements
	portqueuestandard > 10
	status_message "lev07_port01"
; The net effect of these two statements is to check ports at gradually increasing 
; intervals as you get more nags. 
	set portcheck ((turn + 1000) + portcheckola)
	set portcheckola (portcheckola + 100)