This is the peep mental energy income file for the human player in the sandbox. I have added my comments in dark red. These comments are based on my own analysis of the code and my experience in working with it. I do not have any special inside information from MuckyFoot about these files, and I may in some instances be wrong.

; normal_peep_count and segmentdecks are system variables, that is, they are maintained 
; by Startopia without you having to do anything with it in your script elements
	normal_peep_count > 0
	segmentdecks > 0
	turn > peepenergytimer
; this is where you change how much energy is gained from the mental state of peeps on-station	
	set peepenergy (((peepstat race gor grey targ salt_hog karmarama turakken siren male_siren gem_slug zedem_monk mood mind roger) * normal_peep_count) / 10000)
	addenergy (peepenergy * collector_count)
; this is where you change how often energy is gained
; 240 turns is 10 seconds 
	set peepenergytimer (turn + 240)