These are the economy files for the human player in the sandbox. I have added my comments in dark red. Include file text is added in dark green. These comments are based on my own analysis of the code and my experience in working with it. I do not have any special inside information from MuckyFoot about these files, and I may in some instances be wrong.

The file economy00.txt consists of nothing but conditional file includes. Therefore I'm just going to present the include files. To get the difficulty of economy desired, include one of the files presented below directly in your mission. Normal economy uses the default builds and class files, and does not require any included file in the mish file.

; Easy Economy - EconomyEasy.txt
load_builds 90
load_class 90
set economydifficulty 1
;say "Economy has been set to Easy"

; Hard Economy - EconomyHard.txt
load_builds 91
load_class 91
set economydifficulty 2
;say "Economy has been set to Hard"