Plastic Universe Timeline

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Time is noted in Redoubt Standard Years Modern Age (MA).

-12275 MA Oldest traces of Minifigs
-8030 MA Technics create themselves from Minifigs
-1095 MA Technic shuttle designed and raceway planets colonized
-365 MA Cybertechnics created and reduction of Wild Minifigs population begun
-63 MA Wild Minifigs unite at Redoubt Village
-31 MA Planet Techfall disaster occurs
0 MA Planet Techfall rescue occurs and figure government ceded to Minifigs
45 MA Stabilization of relations across Planet Redoubt achieved
MA Space program reactivated under Minifig direction, to explore the universe
MA Sandrite moonbase discovered
MA Technic attempt to sieze control of Sandrite Robotic Lab rebuffed
MA Figures travel to Space Station and meet Snarks, Boojums and Quarks
MA Re-colonization of recoverable Technic raceway planets by Minifig ethnic groups begun

Plastic Universe Calendar, Redoubt Standard year

670 Redoubt days per year, 10 months of 67 days each,
Moons: Murbella (rotates 4 times as fast as Pandora ) and Pandora
14 Pandora months per year of 47.76 days per Pandora month