As the Technic effort to relocate Wild Minfigs rose to its climax the more traditional forces began to crumple under the pressure. Steps were taken by both the Ninjas and the Bat Lords to preserve the last of their wise ones. The Ninja exodus took place in good order. Heading northward from their tropical home they crossed the isthmus and clung to the more familiar terrain along the green coastline to the east. When they reached the area of Technic action against the remnants of the Pirates they struck due westward, out into the desert. Here they are leaving an oasis on their way to somewhere, anywhere, out of reach of the Technic Rubber-Stunner forces.

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The column was headed by the Princess and her consort, followed by their last wise one. He is driving a cart carrying the throne and a chest containing the holy treasures.

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The Bat Lords had less good fortune. Living as they did at the southern edge of the desert, in close proximity to the source of dragons, they were besieged by not only their own assigned Technic collectors but also those pursuing the Ninjas, who had lost track of their targets and did not wish to return home empty-handed. Wave after wave of rubber missiles fell upon the Bat Lord castles and stunned their dragons from the air. Finally the besieged abandoned their last castle in rout, lacking horse armor for most of the Lords and any transportation for the wise women. One Lord was even obliged to ride a wagon dray. For draconian companionship they had only two non-breeding females, all the breeders having perished in the defense of the castles. Although the wise women did manage to save the oracle heads, no treasure was salvaged to attract new breeding dragons. Given enough time the non-breeding females would help them to locate new treasure for their new home, but where was that to be? They travelled northward, into the heart of the desert.

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[Author's Note: "Wait", I hear you cry. "Those dragons are hanging from strings!" Well yes, but they're Lego strings so it's all right, don't you see? P.S. They looked better before Murbella (sister of Pandora, The Cat Who Ate New York City) discovered them hanging there.]

As fortune would have it these two remnants of nations collided at the oasis near Redoubt. Historically enemies, they glowered at each other over readied weapons and raised shields. Then, each realizing that they had no castle walls to defend their wise ones and one powerful common enemy to defend against, they simultaneously cast down their shields and lowered or sheathed their weapons. This indicated desire to parlay, as opposed to casting down their weapons which would have been surrender with its accompanying of loss of honor.

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Having agreed upon matters between themselves, they turned to the matter of Redoubt. At the first sight of the dragons those manning the cannons had descended from the platform into the fortification, not even bothering to use the ladder. No amount of blustering and gun-waving by the sea captain could make them go back up. Being unable to climb the ladder himself with a wooden leg and hook hand, and being honorable in his own fashion, the captain went out the front door alone to stand against the horde.

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This act of unmitigated madness impressed the Ninjas and Bat Lords so much that they decided to deal with Redoubt as if it truly had the strength to defend itself. The size of the refugee forces convinced the highlanders of the truth of the Technic threat. They made alliance with the refugees, who agreed to build a larger enclosure around all three tunnels and bring dragons to guard it. In making the alliance these figures succeeded in uniting all the tribes of the Wild Minifigs on the home planet of the figures in Slink's Universe, even though the pitiful remnants of several had not yet made their way to Redoubt.

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