Planetary Map

This planet might well be called Home, as it was the original planet of the figures in this universe. It is here that the Technics originated, and here that the space diaspora began.

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The planet of Redoubt has distinctly different climates in the northern and southern hemispheres. This is a consequence of the direction of the mountains in the two hemispheres. In the southern hemisphere the mountains run east-to-west. This does not prevent the movement of moisture across the land and it is all lush and green. Closer to the equator it is warmer, of course, which results in jungle instead of woodland and plains. In the northern hemisphere the mountains run north-to-south, resulting in a desert in the rain-shadow of the mountains. The mountains themselves are well-watered, and contain many small glens and groves. The village of Redoubt is located centrally north-south in the desert, just at the eastern edge of the mountains. Moisture from the sea allows a small margin of green land around the eastern border of the main land mass in the northern hemisphere. Lands further to the north are shrouded in mystery at this time. They are hard to reach, being located in some kind of anomaly which prevents ordinary instruments of navigation from functioning correctly.