Chapter 6: Life in the New Era

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In the new era, the Cacao Republic was thrown upon their own resources in order to survive. They began by dancing for the success of the crops.

Then they held one last, huge, feast.

Then each to their own land returned and multiplied their labors many times over what they had done before.

Jasmine began to fish for food, in addition to her duties as a defender. It seemed a genteel enough passtime for a lady of noble birth. She never forgot to relax, though.

From the combined labors of the citizens of the Cacao Republic came success and wealth beyond their wildest dreams.

Old Blue's herd increased to eight sheep and four goats. The sheep are named Dolly, Molly, Polly, Holly, Folly, Jolly, Golly, and Gee Whiz. They sometimes graze in the flowers, but no one minds.

The goats are named Daisy, Tulip, Rose, and Cisco. They live in a fine new yard.

They made their village beautiful and redecorated their homes.

They vacationed in Jasmine's homeland, where she showed that even a princess can look silly sometimes.

While they were there, Spike and Old Blue indulged in some male bonding. They explored their ancestry together. Old Blue couldn't find a horned helm so he had to use stars, but it was alright.

They visited the great persimmon forest on the edge of the desert, where spaceships from everywhere come seeking the answer.

They bathed in the sacred waters of the Valley of Eternal Life, with its chocolate pyramids and its bright-eyed mummies who promise that those who eat large amounts of chocolate, take plenty of hot baths, and sleep peacefully, will live forever.

They bought a resort island. Here are two of their guests, Yin and Yang, enjoying some of Sweet Pea's homemade mint chocolate cookies.

Old Blue experimented with an ornithopter and a racing plane, but in the end went back to his farm wagon pulled by Dobbin.

Spike tried rollerskating and skateboarding, but in the end chose to ride an elephant from his homeland. Spike was grace itself on wheels, but riding Jumbo was more magnificant.

Sweet Pea was happy with her moon, so she splurged on clothing and toys. She has a very hard time now deciding what to wear in the morning.

Lady Jasmine had the most problem deciding what to buy. She tried a dragon boat, but the view wasn't very good nor the ride very exciting.

Then she tried a balloon. That was fun. She got to wave to all of her subjects, although none of them noticed.

For a short while she tried a yacht. The speed was wonderful.

But she was most taken with a dragon named Azure.

He could fly day...

or night ...

and over the rainbow.

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