Chapter 2: The Arrival of Spike

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Day after day, Old Blue harvested fruit, nuts, and grain. These things he shared with Tatiana. The cotton, hemp, flax, and wool he did not know how to use. Tatiana also did not know how to use them. Old Blue sent out word that he needed a tailor, and that was how he met Spike. Spike was from the jungle and did not know how to spin or weave, but he learned fast.

The two lived together inside a tree stump.

Spike often told Old Blue wild yarns about his days as a pirate before he came to live on the farm. One day Spike took Old Blue to the jungle where he grew up and Old Blue learned the truth. The ship Spike grew up on was one stranded in the jungle.

Spike's jungle was pretty comfortable, for a jungle.

While they were there, Spike dressed up in the old pirate clothing for Old Blue.

Spike and Old Blue both had a good laugh over it and were even better friends than before.

They threw wild parties in the evenings, after their working day was over.

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