Chapter 1: Old Blue's Beginnings

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Like everyone he knew, Old Blue was born on a path from nowhere to nowhere.

Every day he and his best friend Tatiana, a kitty who lived down the road, ate baked eels and drank water.

Some days, for variety, they drank apple juice.

Life was good, if a bit dull, until Tatiana found a Treasure Map and dug up a big sack of gold shells.

Tataina offered to buy her friend his dearest desire. Old Blue thought and thought, and he finally realized that what he wanted was a farm of his very own. So he packed up his few belongings and bought an old farm. Old Blue worked hard on his farm. He had to till the fields by hand.

After his work he relaxed by his pond. Tatiana saw that he was happy, and she was happy too.

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