Pseudotropheus sp. "Deep Magunga" (aka "Msobo")

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I have the name "Msobo" confirmed from The Cichlids of Lake Malawi CD-ROM by Ad Konigs (copyright 2001 Cichlid Press). "Deep Magunga" apparently refers to the origin of the fish, which is Magunga Reef, Tanzania.

Three females and one immature male. The immature male has since mature but because there is no place for him in the 75-gallon tank he stays a washed out blue and hids with the two breeding females. Two of the females are breeding but one has stayed small and does not breed.


Male who holds the right end of the tank for his species.

Male who holds the left end of the tank for his species.

Small fry, about the size of a newborn guppy, and already yellow like it's mother.