Labeotropheus fuelleborni "Marmalade Cat"

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Baensch (1996): Aquarium Atlas Volume 1 p 730, 6", "eats microfoods"

Konings (1990): Book Of Cichlids And All The Other Fish Of Lake Malawi p 273-277, 10 cm, sediment-free rocky habitat; Koniga goes to a great deal of trouble to justify the separation of fuelleborni and trewavasae but in the end is somewhat unconvincing since the two species can be identical in appearance when they are from different sites

Axelrod (1993): The Most Complete Colored Lexicon Of Cichlids p 229-231, 4", "always found among rocks", eats algae; Axelrod considers this fish identical with Labeo. trewavasae.

Staeck (1994): African Cichlids II p 69-71, 12cm, rubble and rocky littoral of Lake Malawi

Marmalade Cat male.

Orange-blotch female.

Normal male.