Slink's 75-Gallon Tank Downstairs

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August 2002


September 2002

Contains 5 Cynotilapia afra "Jalo", 6 Labidochromis sp. "Red Top Kimpuma", 6 Pseudotropheus polit, and 5 Synodontis petricola.

November 2002

Filtration now consists of one Emperor 400, one Biowheel 30 Pro driven by a 170 gph Penguin powerhead with sponge prefilter, and one stack of Hydrosponges with a 100 gph Visi-Jet powerhead. The Hydrosponges are behind the brick construction in the corner.

Eventually I replaced the Penguin powerhead/Biowheel 300 combination with an Emperor 280. Cleaning the sponge prefilter was too much hassle back behind the rocks.

February 2003

In March I removed the Cynotilapia afra and replaced them with the Protomelas taeniolatus "Red Empress" from the upstairs 75-gallon. I did this in order to free the Labeotropheus from the domination of the Red Empress male, who I felt was interfering with the mating displays of the Labeotropheus.