Slink's 30-Gallon Tanks

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One of these two tanks contains juvenile Pseudotropheus sp. "Deep Magunga". The other is presently occupied by some excess young adult males who will be moved or sold in the near future.

Old picture of 30 gallon tanks, before they were cleaned up and returned to service after I acquired the 55-gallon tank and moved all of the fish from them into it.

November 2002

The excess males were moved to the 55-gallon tank. The second 30-gallon tank was pressed into service for two Perlmutt females who had been mistaken for males when I made my first attempt at venting. After they spit their broods, a story all in itself, they were returned to the 75-gallon tank and the fry stayed in the 30-gallon. In the interim before that I had tried an experiment with perlite concrete cast in the bottoms of the tanks. The general effect can be seen below.

This turned out to be a terrible mistake, as the food and other debris got caught in the rough surface of the substrate and was not washed into the filter by the water flow. Fungus began growing on the substrate in magnificant patterns indicating the directions of the currents on the bottom. I tried removing the concrete with hydrochoric acid and failed. My husband, whose idea it had been originally to cast the concrete directly into the tank instead of making it removable, then attempted to chisel out the concrete. He succeeded with one tank and failed with the other (it broke). Because of this I now have two 29-gallon tanks in this location. Both of the 29-gallon tanks (and the 30-gallon tanks that preceeded them) are filtered by Emperor 280s.