Slink's 20-Gallon Tank

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I decided to try out a natural plant tank for the rooted plants that were not doing well in the 135-gallon tank. In that tank there is not much light, but more particularly the leaves were being eaten in scalloped shapes. The 20-gallon tank is a "high", meaning it has the footprint of a 10-gallon tank. It is leftover from when I was living in a dorm room almost 30 years ago and I needed another tank to put on the stand that I already had for my 10-gallon tank. It really isn't much good for fish because of the small surface area to gallons ratio. I followed Diana Walstad's recipe for substrate, with between 1" and 2" of garden soil covered by an equal amount of small gravel. Into this I planted the four Anubius and what was left of the Cryptocorynes. I also added the pitifully small remnant of the hornwort. After two days time the water is clear. I still need to locate the top and light in my mess. Diana Walstad's method calls for small fish to live in a natural planted tank. I do not yet know if I will do this as I already have enough fish to care for. Whatever fish I place in the tank, if I do so, will have to be carnivorous, non-burrowing, and be able to live in an unheated tank.