Slink's 135-Gallon Tank

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Tiger Barbs just home from the store. Picture quality could be better. Sorry. There's 15 of them and they are dwarfed by the size of the tank although they were at least one-third, and perhaps closer to one-half, of the stock in one tank at the LFS.

The tank also houses 9 catfish:

2 bristle-nosed plecos (Ancistrus dolichopterus) also called bushy-mouthed catfish
1 spotted raphael (Agamyxis pectinifrons)
1 striped raphael (Platydoras costatus)
1 talking catfish (Amblydoras hancocki)
1 mottled doras (Doras eigenmanni)
1 leopard cory (Corydoras julii)
1 skunk cory (Corydoras arcuatus)
1 completely dark (black, brown?) synodontis about 8 inches long (Synodontis haugi?)

I have bought 20 zebra danios and added them, and also planted some plants. I am trying to get some decent pictures.

And here they are, or at least more decent than I had been getting for a while. Apparently the trick is to stand up high and shoot down, to avoid getting great pictures of reflected furniture, dogs and houseplants.

Starting at the left end:

Then look down the length of the tank:

Now turn back and look at the left end again:

and now walk backwards down the tank towards the right end:

Take a glimpse of the length from the right end:

and finally take a good look at the right end:

After adding the Pundamilia nyererei and removing the rooted plants and hornwort:

Male Pundamilia nyererei in all his glory:

One of three juveniles who survived the move, posing as an odd-shaped zebra danio without stripes: